Client Experiences

In the Words of Academy Adopters ...

Sam, having experienced your Leadership Academy as well as many other leadership development programs over the years, I can say that it is the best. You do it better, more professionally, more focused, and more usable than anyone else.

J. Randall Stapleford, Captain USN (Ret.)
Military and Veteran Affairs
U.S. House of Representatives

The future leaders at our Wabtec Passenger Transit division have benefited significantly from Sam’s teaching. The Leadership Academy has allowed each participant to better understand their potential leadership capabilities. They are also more unified and determined to contribute to the division as one team. I am impressed with all the outcomes that their Leadership Academy break-through goals are achieving. As the second group of managers begins their journey with Sam, we look forward to even more success.

Albert J. Neupaver
President & CEO
Wabtec Corporation

We have Sam deliver a condensed form of his Leadership Academy to our Entrepreneurial Fellows Class each year. It is always one of the highest-rated programs in our curriculum. A few comments from the most recent class members were these: 'Very practical information, useful for real-world structures and leading teams'; 'Simple and positive; I liked the distinction between preventing failure and ensuring success'; and 'Sam has a true heart for leadership and it shows'.

Ann Dugan
Founder, the Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence
University of Pittsburgh

At PriceSmart we take people development seriously. That is why I am so pleased by the dramatic advancement I see in the leadership effectiveness of our 50 young managers who have benefited from the Sam Deep Leadership Academy. Like all leaders, they have the challenge of winning the hearts of their people while at the same time holding them accountable for their performance. Thanks to Sam, they have learned how to do that.

Jose Luis Laparte
President and CEO
PriceSmart Membership Shopping