Leadership Academy

Better Leaders for a Brighter Future®

When organizations populate higher levels of leadership by promoting from within, they send an encouraging message that dedication and good performance is rewarded. They also help to illuminate career paths for employees who want to know where hard work will take them. Promoting from within the ranks puts teeth into succession planning.

The traditional wisdom about the difficulty of being a prophet in your own town explains why organizations sometimes search beyond their borders for fresh leadership. The sense that there has to be someone better and brighter out there informs the notion that an external search, particularly for C-level executives, will generate a more attractive bevy of résumés. And at times there are simply no viable internal hopefuls.

A recent study, however, found that more than 60% of C-level executives recruited from the outside fail within two years. The primary reason for disappointment is a mismatch with the culture of the organization and an inability to make the necessary behavioral adjustments to it.

That same study found that just over 40% of C-level executives promoted from within are likewise regretted in the same period. The good news is that internal leadership candidates have a higher success rate than their external counterparts. The sobering reality, though, is that a 40% failure rate is still too costly. When leaders fail, everyone loses — the organization, its employees, and the unsuccessful individual.

The better news is that you can increase the odds for success. The number one cause for the collapse of internal candidates is the assumption of their employers that achievement at lower levels of responsibility will automatically translate into triumph at more demanding levels of authority — without extraordinary leadership development.

The Sam Deep Leadership Academy is designed to increase the success rate of emerging leaders, achieving the following:

  • Raise up the next generation of leaders; build leadership bench strength
  • Give greater meaning and impact to succession planning
  • Connect the energy and inspiration of emerging leaders with the experience and maturity of established leaders
  • Enable external candidates to adapt more quickly to the corporate culture
  • Demonstrate to key customers that continuous improvement is taken seriously.
  • Solve real problems now plaguing organizations and make the most of currently unexploited corporate opportunities
  • Increase cohesiveness and collaboration among cross-functional managers
  • Establish a best practice of leadership development that will serve as a positive example to the Board of Directors as well as within the industry and the marketplace