Recommended Curriculum


  • Overview and Purpose
  • Leadership Effectiveness 360˚ Assessment
  • Personal Leadership Development Plan
  • The Break-Through Goal
  • Guidance for Mentors and Protégés
  • The Emotional Wiring of Great Leaders
  • Introduction to Leadership

Engagement Workshops

Learn how to win the hearts of your followers; give them reason to make your goals their goals and your vision their vision; inspire them to give their best every day.

  • Workshop 1: Engagement through Purpose
    • "To have my people driven by a powerful purpose that engages them in their work and unites (and ignites) them in their efforts."
  • Workshop 2: Engagement through Servant Leadership
    • "To serve my followers so that they are encouraged in turn to serve each other as well as our customers."
  • Workshop 3: Engagement through Listening
    • "To gain the maximum value from my ears."
  • Workshop 4: Engagement through Communication
    • "To cause others to find my messages to be precise, powerful, positive, and persuasive."
  • Workshop 5: Engagement through Praise
    • "To show my appreciation to others in a way that stimulates them to achieve their fullest potential."
  • Workshop 6: Engagement through Teambuilding
    • "To build cohesive teams united in their efforts."
  • Workshop 7: Engagement through Change Leadership
    • "To deal well with change and to equip my people do the same."
  • Workshop 8: Engagement through Positive Culture
    • "To provide my team with a work culture that spurs them on and brings them joy."

Accountability Workshops

Increase both your courage and your ability to hold people responsible for the outcomes of their performance; as a result, they’ll become more consistent, trustworthy, and dependable.

  • Workshop 9: Introduction to Accountability
    • "To gain the courage and the competence to hold my employees strictly accountable for their performance."
  • Workshop 10: Accountability through Strategy
    • "To create unmistakable direction and show people how their work contributes to it."
  • Workshop 11: Accountability through Expectations
    • "To create a performance contract with my people that removes all doubt of how I expect them to fulfill their job descriptions."
  • Workshop 12: Accountability through Constructive Criticism
    • "To have the courage to criticize failures to meet expectations as well as both the competence and the heart to do it constructively."
  • Workshop 13: Accountability through Questions
    • "To use questions effectively as a means of influence and accountability."
  • Workshop 14: Accountability through Conflict Resolution
    • "To prevent conflict from harming my team and my relationships."
  • Workshop 15: Accountability from Problem Performers
    • "To get the best possible results with problem performers—those who are ‘actively disengaged’."
  • Workshop 16: Accountability through Decision Making
    • "To make timely, effective, and embraced decisions."
  • Workshop 17: Accountability through Managing Up
    • "To serve my boss as well as possible."
  • Workshop 18: Achieve Life/Work Balance
    • "To increase my margin as I discover and protect my ‘20%’."
  • Workshop 19: Ensure Integrity
    • "To behave with impeccable integrity and to make sure that my followers do the same."
  • In-Basket Scenarios
    • "To apply what I’ve learned in class to what I face on the job."